Family Planning with birth control/ Women’s health

In order to receive a prescription for birth control, a client must make an initial visit with one of our nurses to have health history and blood work completed.  After this step is completed an appointment to see Dr. Paul will be made.  The physicians see family planning and women’s health patients at scheduled appointments on Tuesday mornings.  Routine testing is performed including pap smears, cultures and breast exams.  Birth control is prescribed at this appointment if desired and is available for purchase in the clinic for $20 for 1 month cycle, $35 two month cycle, $50 three month cycle or $55/Depo shot.

The clinic offers both Ortho Tri-cyclen and Micronor on site.  If another brand of birth control is desired, a prescription can be written.  The Depo shot is a popular birth control option available in the clinic as well.  It requires an appointment every three months.

We offer pregnancy testing for $7.  No appointment is necessary.